Cirque eloize id soundtrack download

One of the perks of reviewing scores is that, once in a while, something completely unexpected lands on your desk. This is something which you would never in a hundred years have picked up at the music store and you look at it as if it might sprout tentacles at any moment. The album had two things working against it in my mind: first, it was circus music not in the Entry of the Gladiators way, but in the cheap pop rhythms over cheesy vocals and synth string lines kind of way and, second, the composer was French Canadian.

It seemed that all a French Canadian composer could do was write boring electronic underscores and rock band song-like pieces.

The album opens with the last song of the show, "O Makunde", the melody of which is delicately introduced by an exotic flute over ceremonial drums and dreamy synths. A female vocalist then takes it away in an African-flavored pseudo-language. This is the kind of Cirque du Soleil music that usually leaves me cold, but I must say that "O Makunde" grew on me with its serene melody for vocalist, choir, and violins.

Fans of choir music will be delighted to find that this is only the first of a few genuinely interesting choral pieces on the album. The agitated madness of "Storm" makes way for "Deep", an intimate piece of beautiful simplicity for synthesized piano, cello, and warm strings. The theme here would be reprised at the very end of the album for the English song "Reach For Me Now". After some of the synthesized elements of past cues, it is a welcome relief to hear an orchestral piece for strings, brass, and woodwinds, laced with quiescent beauty.

We are then taken to a weirdly interesting cue called "Pursuit", where an intense layering of percussive loops accompanies vigorous male chanting recalling dark Latin masses. This is a six-minute chase sequence that never lets go and keeps building up by introducing female chanters to the choir and more and more overlapping rhythmic and harmonic elements.

Definitely a highlight. Following the Survivor -inspired "Forest" and the orchestrally fleshed out "Flight", tensions rise again with "Threat", which makes use of samples of an orchestra tuning to increase the musical pressure at the end of certain measures.

A female singer vocalizes in a sultry style while electric guitars provide a modern texture. The theme is introduced by a solo cello over pizzicato strings, before the whole string ensemble carries it forward in a dramatic climax with brass that reminded me of some of the best moments in film music.

Electronic elements are then introduced, for better or for worse, before the organic and synthetic elements are blended together for the climax of the piece, with the theme sung by the choir over techno loops. The album concludes with "Aftermath", a softly glowing piece that is a requiem following the bloodshed on the battlefield. An atrocity after what preceded it.

I heartily recommend this album to anyone who likes the usual Cirque du Soleil fare, to those who like strong, choral pieces sustained by percussion loops, and those who want something different.

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Swing open the saloon doors, belly up to the bar, and lasso up some fun for the entire family. The Montreal-based company creates a mythical world where theatre and circus collide for 80 minutes of non-stop live folk music, featuring songs from Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, combined with strength, agility, and original choreography.

Cirque Éloize performers are off the wall

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Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article.What an awesome show! The seating is great regardless of where you sit.

The theater is clean and well maintained. The staff was courteous and helpful. Absolutely worthwhile!

Cirque Éloize: "Saloon"

It is handicap accessible, and easy to reach by parking in the Pequot Garage. Nice updated room and quiet!

Everyone at the front desk polite and efficient. I always get concerned about noise especially at a casino actually, I have never spent the night at one. The front desk put me on a floor above the bars w music in them so that we would not hear it.

Just returned from a two night stay at the Fox Tower Hotel at Foxwoods. We have stayed at all the hotels and this is our favorite. We asked for a high floor and ended up on the 28th floor. The room was wonderful. Comfy bed, nicely decorated, big bathroom. Very clean and the view was amazing. We went for an overnight at the Fox Tower to celebrate my husband's birthday. I notified Kat Holderthe concierge a week ahead and what a great trip she planned!

She upgraded our room to a Producer Suite on a high floor. There were gifts in the room and a welcome written on the window. In addition we had a VIP check-in! It was a wonderful night away and I thank Kat and the Fox Tower staff for the excellent night away. I spent a few days here for my birthday I was treated like a queen.Face-offs between rival gangs, attempts at love and friendship, and seemingly random street encounters in a futuristic urban environment give rise to displays of agility that are not just astonishing in the way they challenge the capacities of the human body — we expect that from circus performers of this caliber — but something even better: surprising.

Cirque eloize id soundtrack download

The music by Jean-Phi Goncalves and Alex McMahon is propulsive and ethereal by turns, while choreographers Mourad Merzouki and Christian Garmatter have devised break-dancing numbers for the performers that provide explosive exclamation points to the juggling, hand-balancing, contortions, aerial silk, and Chinese pole routines. But Massicotte and Laurence add an extra dimension that is quite literally out of this world: images of galaxies that appear to be rushing toward the acrobat, as if Levasseur is a planet that has spun out of orbit and is about to be engulfed by the cosmos.

In one remarkable display of strength and concentration, a shirtless performer Richard Maguire places one chair atop another, balancing and assembling at the same time, until he is precariously perched on a very high, and very fragile, wooden tower. But the jackhammers turn out to be giant pogo sticks, enabling the performers to bound about the stage like kangaroos. After all, these circus artists must have practiced their acts for countless hours, honing them to the split-second precision of a Swiss timepiece.

Yet they manage to make the audience feel as if each routine emerges not just organically but inevitably from their surroundings. To be sure, the trampowall is also a popular feature of Cirque du Soleil shows. Don Aucoin can be reached at aucoin globe. Directed by: Jeannot Painchaud. Sets, Robert Massicotte. Lights, Nicolas Descoteaux. Costumes, Linda Brunelle. Video, Massicotte and Alexis Laurence. Choreography, Mourad Merzouki and Christian Garmatter.

Cirque eloize id soundtrack download

At: Citi Wang Theatre, through Sunday. Local Search Site Search. Home Delivery. By Don Aucoin. E-mail this article. Sending your article. Your article has been sent. Tweet ShareThis. Sorry, we could not find your e-mail or password. Please try again, or click here to retrieve your password.A high-energy blend of circus arts and urban dance, the smash-hit show iD is a production for the young at heart featuring daring stunts and dazzling theatricality.

The stage fizzes with infectious energy and phenomenal physical feats, as the 15 talented cast members perform against a kaleidoscope of video projections. There are quite a number of eye rubbing moments in this show, believe me, and one of the most thrilling is More. The opening night of the street dance-inspired, contemporary circus production iD brought back the inner child in me More.

Smash-hit show iD mixes urban dances, daring stunts, and dazzling acrobatics A high-energy blend of circus arts and urban dance, the smash-hit show iD is a production for the young at heart featuring daring stunts and dazzling theatricality. Up Beat on the Trial Bike. Upside Down On One Hand. The Divine Aerial Silks Act. Flowers in a Burst of Romance. Smashing Hit. None-Stop Juggling. Hip-Hop is a must. The Fearless Volunteer. Spinning on a whole other level in the Cyr Wheel. See more. Antonio Aguado Urban Dances.

Angelika Kogut Hand to Hand. Mateusz Rzeznikiewicz Hand to Hand. Jon Larrucea In-Line Skating. Forty Nguyen Urban Dances. Marie Pandora Urban Dances. Thibaut Philippe Trial Bike and Trampowall. Sebastian Afonso Straps and Trampowall.To the screeching of car horns and police sirens, a pair of rival gangs collide in an urban jungle of tenements, back alleys, and construction sites. Lawrence — to mean heat lightning. The company, with artists from all over the world, has developed seven original shows, presented nearly 4, performances in cities in 31 countries.

Video projections?

Cirque eloize id soundtrack download

I wanted to create something poetic, as well. I ask him about the trampo-wall. We have it timed precisely: Somebody jumps, somebody jumps after him, somebody jumps over him, somebody does a flip. I have to ask about the segment where Thibaut Philippe jumps his trial bike over an audience member.

Not a plant, I gather. But this is the kind of skill I wanted in the show. So, is this a show for the whole family? When you have a mix of acrobats and rollerblading and b-boys and a contortionist, it talks to their generation. Jeffrey Gantz can be reached at jeffreymgantz gmail.

At: Citi Wang Theatre, May Local Search Site Search. Home Delivery. By Jeffrey Gantz. E-mail this article.

Cirque du Soleil: Ka

Sending your article. Your article has been sent. Tweet Yahoo! Buzz ShareThis.Directed by Benoit Landry. Swing open the Saloon doors and rustle up some fun for the entire family with this musical and acrobatic chase worthy of the greatest Westerns. A daydreaming marriage of circus and theatre, Cirkopolis opens in a stale office space filled with beleaguered workers.

As the magic unfolds, artists break free of the workaday monotony, shaping a joyful salute to free-spirited self-expression. Blending circus arts, acrobatic skill and breakdance, iD transports audiences to a vibrant urban streetscape.

The stage fizzes and thrills with infectious energy and phenomenal physical feats, as the 15 talented cast members perform against a kaleidoscope of eye-popping video projections. Discover the show Tickets.

Discover the show. Saloon Swing open the Saloon doors and rustle up some fun for the entire family with this musical and acrobatic chase worthy of the greatest Westerns. Cirkopolis A daydreaming marriage of circus and theatre, Cirkopolis opens in a stale office space filled with beleaguered workers. Now playing. Previous shows. Cirque Orchestra. Music-Hall de la Baronne. Stay tuned Sign up to our newsletter and don't miss a thing.

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